Friendly Players Grinding Lobbies - XB1

Get precious cargo delivered in friendly lobbies. We don't like griefers or aggressive people.

Crew Rules

  1. Never shoot at anyone running CEO cargo / cars or MC supplies when running with active FPGL crew.
  2. Set FPGL crew as active crew when joining a FPGL lobby invitation. Otherwise you might be seen as hostile.
  3. Turn off auto aim on missiles when flying or driving with vehicles.
  4. Share help equally - Team up and help as much as you get help.
  5. Help other members when under attack if they ask for help.
  6. Have an active account on FPGL Discord chat, join in to session channels and check chat regularly while playing in sessions and participate in vote kicks.
  7. Join FPGL XBox Club to have others be able to find you and join into your session.
  8. Don't bring in friends! Ask them to join in to FPGL and join session then. Everyone is welcome to join as long as they follow the rules.
  9. Don't invite random players to CEO / MC groups or join their groups.
  10. No long time AFK in session. No AFK at all with CEO / MC running.
  11. No modding, glitching or cheating. No advertising or requests for it in any way.
  12. Be friendly!

Discord Text Chat

Since we do not force people to headsets and microphones, we started using Discord Game Chat to organize sessions or contact others for help requests. You are always free to organize your own voice chat with members. It is mandatory for members to have an account and check the chat on a regular basis.

Download Discord from www.discordapp.com to your iOS or Android device or simply run it on a web browser.

Use the invite link to join FPGL on Discord: https://discord.gg/fVCn2SG

Request Invite

Sign up here to request an invite to our crew.